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How to plan a house move: Fife Group’s ultimate checklist for moving home


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Everything that performs well in life & business is typically due to a well laid out plan, and I have always been an advocate of forward planning when it comes to moving home.

If you do a basic Google search you will find a number of ‘moving house checklists’, along with lots of advice on how to plan your removal ahead of time. Who’s advice should you follow?

After doing some research ourselves we found that many of the checklists contained conflicting information.

We’ve combined everything we know to create the ultimate checklist for moving home to help you have a smoother and stress-free move.

Fife Group’s ultimate checklist for moving home

8 weeks before moving

8 weeks before moving may seem like quite a bit of time, but it really pays to be ahead of the game when it comes to moving house. At the 8 week mark, you should be doing the following tasks:

  1. Confirm moving date with your Solicitor
  2. Get removal quotes – remember to compare services like for like, if you can do this even earlier, the better
  3. Get rid of unwanted items, as the more belongings you have will impact on the cost of your removal
  4. If you have decided to carry out your removal yourself, organise friends and family to help you.
  5. Order any new furniture/carpets for your new property
  6. Inform landlord (if relevant – some may need 2 months notice) that you are moving out of your current property
  7. Check your insurance will cover the move or ask your remover about liability insurance
  8. Book your removal service, sign contracts and highlight the date in your calendar!

4 weeks before your move

It’s getting closer, but you still have a lot to do…

  1. Book extra storage if required (possibly if downsizing – click here to find out more about our self storage solutions)
  2. Check parking at new home (never underestimate the size of a removal van)
  3. Inform utility companies – they really only need 48 hours notice, but its best to inform them as soon as possible, so you don’t have to worry about it later on closer to your moving date
  4. Council tax – Contact your local authority to discuss your council tax situation and inform them of your moving dates
  5. Order packing materials e.g. boxes and packing paper if you are not using a packaging service through your elected removal company

 2 weeks before your move 

2 weeks before your removal date, you should definitely start packaging and organising your belongings for moving.  Here is a list of things to do 2 weeks before your removal date:

  1. Start packing non-essentials items, basically things you don’t need right now before you move
  2. Re-direct mail. Click here to find out how to re-direct your mail ahead of your moving date
  3. Send out change of address cards to friends and family
  4. Confirm timescales – what time the removal company are coming, when you can get keys to your new home, get an exact time from your Solicitor if you can
  5. Notify local services e.g. paper shop for paper deliveries that you are moving
  6. If you have children, arrange childcare or friends/family to look after your children on the day of the removal
  7. De-register from your current doctors and dentist
  8. Start using up freezer food and other perishable products

1 week before your move 

The end is nearly in sight, you only have a week to go before you will be in your new property.

  1. Finish packing, so you are ready for the movers and remember to mark your boxes
  2. Dismantle flat pack furniture
  3. Defrost fridge and freezer. Click here to find out more about defrosting your freezer
  4. Wash and dry any clothes/linens, so you don’t have to do washing right away at your new house
  5. Check arrival times with the removal company
  6. Pack important documents and valuables and put them in a safe place you will remember

1 day before your move 

You should be all packed up and ready to go, but make sure you do the following final checks:

  1. Walk around your house for final checks to make sure you don’t leave anything behind
  2. Ensure your mobile is fully charged to call your Solicitor and get in touch with your removal company if necessary
  3. Gather up all the keys to your house to hand over
  4. Have a spare box or bag ready to pack the things you will need in the morning

Your moving day 

If you have followed all of our steps above, you shouldn’t be running around like a headless chicken at the last minute.  Here is a list of the last minute things you need to do on the day:

  1. Meet the removal team and show them everything that is going (be sure to identify fragile items/boxes)
  2. Drop children and pets off with family or friends
  3. Do a final clean and walk around the house, just to double check you have everything you need
  4. Switch off all the sockets and appliances that are being left behind
  5. Take a final meter reading for gas and electric to avoid being overcharged and put them in a safe place for safekeeping
  6. Lock all windows and doors before you exit the property

At your new home

Make sure you have marked your boxes in advance, so the movers can put the right boxes in the correct rooms.  It makes your life a lot easier when it comes to unpacking all of the boxes.  Here is a short list of things to do right away:

  1. Get the kettle out for teas and coffees
  2. Check utilities are working, take initial meter readings
  3. Check the boiler is working and other main fixtures and fittings (typically you only have 7 days to claim for major issues)
  4. Unpack the bare essentials to begin with
  5. Check all keys work and make necessary calls with your mobile if they don’t
  6. Confirm what is to be moved where – put the right boxes in the correct rooms
  7. Sweep house for previous owners items, if anything is left behind, you can contact your Solicitor to let them know
  8. Don’t try unpack everything today, its been a stressful day, you can do most the unpacking the following day
  9. Get the kids and pets, order a takeaway and enjoy your new home!

There you have it, I hope this simple, yet effective moving checklist and things to do list, really helps you plan ahead for the best removal possible.

John Kilgour Managing Director - Fife Group


John Kilgour

Managing Director

Fife Group

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