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If you are planning on moving house in the next 6-12 months you might be wondering if theres a best time of year to move house. This is a valid question and one that we sometimes get asked by our customers.

I think moving house is a personal decision and often one that is often affected by work schedules and other commitments. Although, there are peak and off-peak seasons in the removals business – i.e. the summer is a very busy time for us and coming close to Christmas can be the quietest time in the removals trade.

Here at Fife Group, you will be glad to hear that we don’t charge any extra or any less, in regards to the time of year you move house. However, other removal companies may be different and you should always check their policy and pricing structure.

You can typically save money based on the day you decide to move house.  Generally, it is more cost effective to move during the week than at the weekend. This is because moving at the weekend can be the most popular time to move house.

Best time of year to move house?

If you have the opportunity to plan the best time of year for you to move house, then you should definitely use it to your advantage. Unfortunately, most people don’t always have the flexibility to choose when they can move house.

In terms of planning, deciding when to move house really comes down to you. There will be times throughout the year that just don’t suit your schedule and vice versa.

Perhaps the major factor that will impact the best time to move house is the property market. In other words, the best time to buy your new house, and the best time to sell your current house.

Most people don’t move house during the latter months of winter, due to the fact that the weather can be bad and that Christmas is just around the corner.  If your new property needs refurbishment, then I can appreciate that you might want to mover sooner rather than later.

However, moving towards the end of the year does have its benefits, you will find that most removal companies will have far greater flexibility and will be able to accommodate your moving date more easily.

As mentioned previously, our removals prices aren’t affected by the time of year you move. So if you move house in the summer or during the winter, the costs will remain the same. To find out more about the cost of moving, click here to read our blog – How much do removal companies cost? 

In some cases, the day of the week can affect the cost and it’s advisable to carry out your removal on a weekday rather than the weekend.

Its also worth pointing out that the last week of every month always seems to be the busiest for removers, so moving house in the second or third week of the month is probably a better option, as again there will be more availability and  you are more likely to secure your removal date.

Ultimately, the time of year and day you choose to move is up to you, and there’s a lot to consider when picking the best date. Also, some of the decision making might be out with your control. For example, your move will probably be dependent upon the date you have agreed with your Lawyer to pick up the keys to your new property.

In conclusion, forward planning is always advised when it comes to moving house, and the more organised you are in advance, the smoother your move will be.

Happy moving!

John Kilgour - Fife Group

John Kilgour

Managing Director

Fife Group

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