7 things to look for when buying a property in Fife


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Are you considering buying a property in Fife?

Then before you do, read our blog all about 7 things to look for when buying a property in Fife.


When it comes to buying a property, you should always consider how many bedrooms you’ll need, and generally how much space you require.

Before you decide to move, ask yourself three key questions:

These are all valid questions, although many people overlook this, and end up in a house which doesn’t suit their needs.


Everyone has different tastes when it comes to buying a house, and Fife has plenty of styles to choose from.

The best advise when it comes to buying a house is to not rush any decisions. Give yourself time to look at a property from the inside and out. Take your time looking round the local area and decide whether or not it’s for you.

Perhaps the best course of action is to decide which type of property appeals to you – i.e. are you drawn towards a new open plan modern house? Or do you like a house with quirks and character, or maybe you like an aged and worn feel.

Whatever type of property you like, remember you are investing a lot of money in a house, so think long and hard before making a decision.

Location, Location, Location

Location is key for most buyers, so think long and hard about which area you choose, think about commuting to work and also public transport links.

If you have children, you’ll need to do some research on schools in the local area, find out how well your local school is rated.

Find out what is round the local area – shops, retail parks, restaurants etc.


Fife is considered to have a beautiful countryside and is also home to historic towns and cities.

When viewing a property, look out the window and make sure you walk around the garden and surrounding streets. What you see in your viewing is what you will see everyday, so if you want to see green fields and rolling hills then possibly consider the countryside as your ideal location.


Fife is like most areas, ever expanding and constantly developing, new houses and supermarkets are appearing frequently.

It pays to find out if any new developments are planned around your new property – find out what is in the pipelines before you buy.


Moving to a new area and being part of the local community is very important. But before you buy the house, consider talking to your potential neighbour, ask about the local area and what it’s like.

Its worth taking a walk or drive round the local area to see for yourself what it’s like. Spending a bit of time in the local area will make all the difference and help you determine whether its the place for you or not.


You should always think of the future, is the house your viewing in an up and coming area? Will the house need renovating work to bring it up to value? Or do you foresee any future repairs and/or building work to ensure you get the full market value for the property?

Thinking of the future is a smart thing to do, especially when it comes to property – always try to plan ahead if you can.

Good luck finding the right property in Fife for you.

John Kilgour - Fife Group


John Kilgour

Managing Director

Fife Group


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