First aid training: 5 reasons you should attend a first aid course


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Most of us hope to never find ourselves in a situation where we have to apply our first aid training, and the chances of having to perform first aid in your life is quite rare.

However, just like insurance, you hope that when you do need it, you’ve got the right skills to potentially save a life.

The reality is that you never know what might happen, and this is not just about workplace accidents. Having the skills to deal with a first aid situation can benefit you in your personal life and well as your professional life.

Here at Fife Group we teach first aid training at many different levels and we understand just how important it is to be able to deal with a first aid situation effectively.

In this article we look at 5 reasons why you should attend first aid training to help you to decide if it’s something you should pursue.

5 reasons you should attend a first aid course

1. You can help someone in their hour of need

Helping other people is so rewarding. Can you imagine being able to help someone in their hour of need? This could happen anywhere – your workplace, your home, out on the street.

Being able to practice first aid can dramatically impact whether someone lives or dies. To save a life is amazing and to be the person responsible is truly life changing.

2. You can protect your loved ones

If you have children you’ll automatically want to protect them from any risk or danger. Having first aid skills give you the confidence to be able to deal with emergencies should they crop up and protect your child.

Being able to give your child swift medical attention can make a real difference and can often save a life.

3. First aid comes in handy if you play sports

If you play sports or do any type of fitness, then you’ll understand the dangers surrounding contact sports.

Having a first aid qualification can really help when someone gets injured and is especially true if your playing in remote locations where medical assistance is not so convenient.

4. You can look after yourself

As well as helping other people, being first aid qualified also enables you to look after yourself.

You will learn how to use bandages and what to do with cuts and grazes. So if you fall, you’ll be able to take care of yourself and look after your wellbeing.

The benefits of first aid training just keep coming!

5. First aid training boosts your CV

Having a first aid qualification not only benefits you in your workplace, but it also adds to your CV & continued personal development.

Taking on the responsibility of a first aid role in your workplace will look great on your CV, it will impress your managers and add to your skill set. You might even be responsible for saving someones life!

I hope this article has highlighted how important it is to be trained in first aid best practices.

If you aren’t first aid trained, I hope this blog has given you the motivation & inspiration to take some action and sign up for a class today.

Good luck with your first aid training. If you need help choosing a first aid provider, click here to read our article about how to choose a commercial training services provider.

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Anna Mcarthur

Training Manager

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