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How to save money when moving home: 5 ways to make your removal more affordable


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Buying, selling and moving is expensive – there’s no getting away from it. So when it comes to moving house, we know that you want to look for ways to make your removal more affordable and cost effective.

We completely understand that you have to factor in the cost of your removal and that it’s an added expensive when you’re buying a new house. We have been in the removals business for a significant number of years and we would like to pass our knowledge on to you and help you make your removal more affordable.

In this article I am going to share with you 5 ways in which you can make your removal more cost effective.

5 ways to make your removal more affordable 

1. Cut the clutter

As consumers, we all want to get the best price for any product or service we buy.  And its the same when it comes to choosing a removals company, you want the best possible service at the most competitive price – that’s just common sense.

One way to cut the cost of your removal, is to cut the clutter and get rid of things you no longer require.

The cost of your removal will be greatly affected by the amount of belongings you have, so if you don’t use it, lose it.

It also determines what type of removal vehicle is needed to carry out your removal. If you have less, the price is going to be lower, because the removal team will be smaller, the removal van required will be smaller and the time to carry out your removal will be reduced.

All in all, if you clear out the clutter you will find that your removal costs will be significantly reduced.

2. Go for a basic service 

If your sole objective is keep your costs down, then you should opt for a basic removals service. By that I mean, you should go for a bog standard removal – a move from A to B and nothing else.

Typically there are different types of removal services, this includes part and full packaging services, these cost more than a straightforward removal. You should rule these options out if you are sticking to a budget.

Most removal companies will also charge you extra for packaging materials, so if you want to include packing materials, you should get this included in your removal quote. You can also buy packing materials online, so shop around and see what’s available and maybe you can save yourself some money.

You should also take note that heavy items or bulky furniture also impact upon the price of your removal. It takes more time for your removal team to lift and pack heavier items and sometimes additional manpower.

3. Move during the week 

If you can move during the working week, then your removal will definitely work out cheaper. If you don’t have the choice, you will pay more for a removal that takes place at the weekend.

This is due to the fact that it’s the most popular time to move and also the most requested, mostly due to the fact that people don’t want to use their holidays to move and therefore book their removal on a weekend, when they’re off work.

Most removal companies also have to pay their staff extra to work at weekends, hence the cost of your removal will be slightly more.  If you can, schedule your removal sometime during the week and you will find that your removal costs will plummet.

4. Don’t move to the other side of the world 

Let’s look at an analogy, imagine you are pricing a holiday to Spain and another holiday to Australia. The flights to Spain are going to be cheaper than Australia, simply because Spain is closer than Australia.

It’s the same principle when it comes to moving house. If you want to keep your costs to a minimum, and you are moving to somewhere that’s 100s miles away, you should prepare yourself for a much higher price.

That being said, you might not have a choice. You may have to move for work or other commitments, but just be aware that you will pay more if you are moving a greater distance. Moving locally or within a reasonable radius to your existing property is going to work out a lot cheaper.

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5. Access 

How easily can your removals service access your current or new property?

If your existing or new home is close to low bridges or tight lanes, then this will affect the type of vehicle a removal company can use to do the job. For example, if there are tight lanes or height restrictions the type of vehicle will have to be chosen appropriately, which will affect the pricing of your removal.

This is due to the fact that the removals team will have to use a smaller vehicle, which in turn will result in additional trips back and forth.

The same approach applies if you are moving from a ground floor flat to a high rise flat. It’s likely to take the removals team significantly longer to carry out your removal because its harder to access your new property.

Take note that time is one of the major factors when it comes to pricing any removals job, and if you can save some time, you will save money.

If you can cut back on some or all of these factors then you are going to keep your removal costs to an absolute minimum.

I wish you all the very best with your forthcoming removal and hope that by reading this article you have made some savings along the way.

Happy moving!

John Kilgour Managing Director - Fife Group


John Kilgour

Managing Director

Fife Group


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