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If you’re considering using self storage or already have a unit, read our top tips for utilising the full potential of your storage space. You might also find reading our blogs helpful, we write about different topics related to self-storage and removals. There are many useful articles available to read and you can also leave a message in the comments box. We hope you find these articles helpful and we look forward to reading your comments.

  1. If you are storing fridges and freezers remember to leave the door open, as they require ventilation
  2. Always use packaging materials to protect your goods whilst in storage
  3. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tape, tissue paper, protective covers for soft furnishings, wardrobe boxes for clothing and more are great for protecting your belongings. Here at Fife Group, we have a range of packaging materials available to protect your items whilst in storage (costs apply)
  4. Mirrors, pictures, anything fragile should be wrapped in bubble wrap and stacked on their ends to prevent breakages
  5. It is always a good idea to make an inventory of your goods and label boxes for identification
  6. Always make fragile goods as FRAGILE to avoid unnecessary damage
  7. Fill boxes fully to avoid them collapsing, but make sure you can still lift them
  8. Plan how you are going to store your goods in your storage unit with heavier items at the bottom
  9. Ask if you are unsure of anything. Our team is fully trained and can help you with anything
  10. Be careful carrying heavy boxes. We have trolleys available to help make moving boxes easier

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