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Top tips for moving house at Christmas


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If you’re planning on moving house this Christmas, then you better get your skates on before the 25th December.

So to help you survive moving house at Christmas, make sure you read our handy tips below…

Top tips for moving house at Christmas

Book your removal in advance

If you are going to be moving house before or after Christmas, then it really does pay to book your removal in advance. Most removal companies will close a few days before Christmas and at New Year – so don’t be caught out book your removal.


It wouldn’t be winter without snow, so check the weather forecasts in advance of your removal. If the weather is bad, make sure you grit your paths and driveway to enable access to your property.

Also take into account that extra time might be required to carry out your removal if the weather is bad. You can’t change the weather, but you can try to forward plan and put contingencies in place.

Plan a morning move

In the winter months, we recommend moving in the morning than in the afternoon purely because it gets dark by 4pm. It’s often easier to find your bearings during the day than in the evening when its dark.

We also appreciate that the time at which you move is dependant on when you get the keys to your property so is outwith your control.

Heating, electricity and water

Make sure you contact your gas, electricity and water providers and let them know when your moving to a new property. You’ll want this all organised before you get to your new address, otherwise you could be caught out over the festive period.

Pack a Christmas box and label it

It might be worth packing a Christmas box with everything you need for Christmas day. This could include decorations, gifts and anything else you might need – so it’s all at hand and easy!


Remember most supermarkets will close early on Christmas Eve, so you could consider doing a home shopping delivery to ensure you don’t forget the Christmas turkey.

Good luck with your Christmas removal and we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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John Kilgour

Managing Director

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