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The summer months can be the ideal time to move house, as it’s a popular time to buy and sell your home.

If you’re looking to sell your home this summer, then read our blog which is jam-packed with tips to help you sell your house fast!

Top tips to sell your house this summer

If you’re set on moving, then it always helps to look at your house from the buyers perspective. Try to look at your property in an objective manner and identify any areas for improvement.

Simple improvements can make a difference, we suggest the following:

Freshen up your home with a new coat of paint

Try giving your walls a fresh lick of paint, neutral colours will make your home seem lighter and bigger. It will also enable potential buyers to imagine how they could adapt rooms to match their own tastes.

Creating a good first impression is important, if you want to sell your home sooner rather than later. Simple things like giving your front door a new coat of paint will give your home a new lease of life.

Remember neutral is best, and if you’re buyer wants a bright colour scheme they can easily paint over a neutral wall themselves.

Cut the clutter

Clutter can often look messy, so our advice is get rid of all the excess items you no longer need. If you have too much stuff, think about giving it to a friend or putting it into self storage on a temporary basis.

Buyers need to be able to envisage what a property would like if they were living there. Remember people are often buying into a lifestyle as much as a property. Show your home in the best possible light to clinch that sale.

Another tip is to remove bulky furniture that can often make your rooms look smaller, and replace it with smaller items to give the illusion of space.

The kitchen is the heart of the home

It’s important to remember that the kitchen is a big selling point for most people.  You can upgrade your existing kitchen by adding new counter tops, doing this alone can add serious value to your home.

Set the scene for your buyers – declutter surfaces and store bulky appliances in cupboards if you can.

The aim is to showcase your kitchen in the best possible way and make your buyers feel like they could see themselves in your kitchen.


This might be a no-brainer, but clean your house from top to bottom. Attention to detail is a must when you want to sell your home quickly. Clean all your windows, hoover and replace any light bulbs that have blown.

If you have any dark areas in your home, consider using lighting to make it brighter. Adding mirrors can also make a room seem bigger, ideal for small bedrooms and in hallways.


Consider buying bits and pieces from IKEA to make your home look more attractive. For example, adding blinds or curtains to undressed windows can make a difference. They don’t have to cost a fortune but just look good and make a good impression.

Plants and flowers can also make a room brighter and lighter. Or try adding a fruit bowl in the kitchen or glass jars filled with biscuits or dried fruit, as a display piece. It sets the scene and makes your kitchen look visually more appealing.

Fragrance your home

If you’re a smoker try going outside to smoke to stop the linger of cigarette smoke in your house. The smell of cigarettes can put some buyers off, so try using fragranced candles to combat this.

When it comes to selling a house, think like a buyer and you won’t go wrong.

I wish you the best of luck selling your home this summer.

John Kilgour - Fife Group


John Kilgour

Managing Director

Fife Group 

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